14 April 2016

Reviews, Part 9

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Here are the album reviews I've written since the beginning of February.  As usual, clicking on the album covers will take you to the band's music where you can listen to and/or download the album in full.  The hyperlinks will take you to my reviews.


Godsticks - Emergence (UK)
[PROG MindTollbooth]

The UK metal band’s third studio-length release, Emergence is a polished album, showcasing more of the quality music that Godsticks is dedicated to writing.
Bruce Soord - Bruce Soord (UK)
[PROG MindTollbooth]

Bruce Soord’s self-titled solo debut blends a singer-songwriter mantra with art rock, electronica, and ambience.
Aunt Mary - New Dawn (Norway)

Aunt Mary’s first original studio project since 1973 struggles with self-identity.
Ed Bernard - Polydactyl (Canada)
[PROG MindTollbooth]

Polydactyl is a strong showcase of Ed Bernard’s mature musicianship, caliber of songwriting, and clear musical vision.

The Barstool Philosophers - Crossing Over (The Netherlands)
[PROG Mind / Tollbooth]

Crossing Over waxes eloquent both lyrically and instrumentally, combining atmospheric elements with a strong metal vibe.

Davina & The Vagabonds - Sunshine (USA)

Alternative, Americana, New Orleans, blues, and – of course – jazz, all presented by one charismatic, modern big band.